Learn Chinese 2008 6.1

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    Learn Chinese 2008 6.1


    Download tạm Trial version, cùng tìm key sau! Ai có key share nhé
    Learn Chinese 2008 is a full-featured tool box for Chinese learning students and is used successfully in an educational environment. It provides direct access to information in a comprehensive manner. It allows students to overcome the initial difficulties of the Chinese language by allowing them a rapid access to reading Chinese texts. It measures results and provides objective feedback on individual progress made.

    Learn Chinese 2008 includes a full-featured and easy to use Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary. Vocabulary lists can be shared between students or submitted by their teacher. These lists serve as a basis for a series of exercises to practice reading, writing, memorizing the meaning of words, recognizing Chinese characters, etc.

    Learn Chinese 2008 is also embedded with a Chinese text reading assistant that provides instant romanization of Chinese texts and click-based translation of vocabulary. The text assistant is able to extract vocabulary from a text to a vocabulary list.

    Learn Chinese 2008 contains a powerful statistics module to follow quiz results and progress. For example it is capable of generating lists of words that need to be revised based on result history.

    All these modules are fully integrated in the product and work together. There are lots of other goodies, import export features, character animations for thousands of characters, audio pronunciation, character writing with the mouse to name a few.

    Now with support for podcasts and mobile devices (iphone, smartphone, PDA, windows mobile).
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    học cái này phải kiên trì , hic

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