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    You are looking for apartment for rent in Tay Ho – Ha Noi, you are finding a comfort
    apartment for short or long term using. Just searching for “” the
    website has all you need for the best apartments in Tay Ho - House for rent in Hanoi
    “Myhanoihome” is one of the best leading estate agents in Ha Noi, which specializes in
    sales and rental apartment in Tay Ho. We have a deep knowledge and experience on
    finding the best properties and build good relationship with landlord to provide you the
    most and the best apartment for rent.
    Apartments in Tay Ho – Westlake apartment for rent in Tay Ho
    “Myhanoihome” is available a hundred apartments for you. We have many options that
    easily to meet your need: from a duplex, a triple apartment with flexible lease length to a
    penthouse, a studio… The apartment owner by the landlord or managed by companies in
    Tay Ho for cheaper monthly rentals. We also have luxury fully furnished apartments in
    high class building such as: Westlake Elegant suites, Hanoi Club, Hanoi Lakeview… If
    you need we also have apartment on the nearby areas Tay Ho for you. Such as:
    apartments in Cau Giay, apartments in Ba Dinh… Obviously this one will cost less than
    the other.
    Bring about the best house
    Definitely you will pay your money in the right place. We ensure that all apartments on
    high class condition. It has the fully furniture from a sofa, a bed, a wardrobe to a self…
    All are in beautiful design and blend in well with furniture.
    Choosing our room you will get general view of the Tay Ho lake. It is the best view ever
    where you can look through the Westlake, see all beautiful lake-site and the sparkling
    light of the city….
    The competitive price
    Myhanoihome always give you the best price for renting. Tay Ho apartment for rent only
    take the range from 500 to 1000$ for the square from 500 to 1000m2. For larger
    apartment the total price might range from 1000 to 5000$. Obviously the best apartment
    that combines with luxury furniture with cost more than the other.
    When you pick our house, you haven’t to pay more fees. You don’t take too much time
    for finishing the proposal. We will suggest the best apartment that meets the price you
    want to pay for.
    Fully Support
    We have a fully support on renting process without any commission fee. For the whole
    process we always have a professional staff to help on searching, examining and

    choosing suitable apartment that at the good price. We also have a well-trained team,
    with highly experience to solve all the problems. Our team will quickly give full
    information for the house and the place you want. We also suggest you some nearby
    attractive place to rest, eating, drinking or shopping. After all you might know clear about
    the best place for your future day live.
    Especial, Myhanoihouse also support you to solve the problems during the renting time.
    If any furniture is break-down, you might call us. We will quickly find the third party to
    fix those things.

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